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After popping the question and officially becoming engaged, there are all sorts of checklists to run down. Now, the future misses is going to have her own checklist. If she is like many other girls, she's been thinking about her dream wedding for years, which means she is going to be working hard at making this happen. Now, it is possible for the future husband to help out with however he can, but ultimately, as the saying goes, happy wife happy life. This means offer to help, do whatever can be done, but when it call comes down to it, she is going to have a vision for the perfect wedding and there might be times where she's better off with some of the decision making on her own.

That doesn't mean the groom is going to be all out on his own when it comes to planning. Perhaps he wants to start with the honeymoon planning. Where to go, what to do, what to see and everything else. That way, there is so much excitement discussed at the end of the day at the progress being made towards not only the perfect wedding but the perfect honeymoon as well. Some might believe the lists stop and end with the marrying couple, but that just isn't the case either. The best man and the made of honor have a bit of planning they need to do.

The made of honor is most likely going to be the right hand girl, helping out with the wedding planning, picking out dresses, flowers and setting up the bridal show. The best man might be asked to help out with the bridal show, but really, it is up to him to plan out the best bachelor party the groom could possibly imagine. It is up to him to decide what to do, where to go, what activities to experience and everything else that goes along with it. Sure, checking in with the groom to make sure everything is good is a good idea, but for the most part, it is up to the best man and the rest of the guy's bridal party to decide and plan out that epic night or weekend. And, if there is any sort of consensus with the group of guys, in order to have the wildest and craziest time possible, having a Las Vegas bachelor party is the way to go.

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