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Kyla Has A Goal Of Making You Smile

  • Age: 24
  • Measurement: C-Cup
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5ft 4in
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Ethnicity: Russian

For anyone who has dreamed of spending time with a Russian beauty, Kyla is the companion they have been looking for. No Jedi mind tricks. No fake Barbie doll looks. Only true, real beauty and that seductive Russian accent that is enough to send any man over the edge and activate their lightsaber to full length. She is one of the Las Vegas independent escorts who can get the show started wherever she is, so no matter what someone is looking for or what kind of girl they want, as long as it is the perfect Russian supermodel with blonde hair and solid tits, Kyla is going to be the companion to end all companions.

She is not like one of those Vegas escorts someone might find on the Back Page Las Vegas website. She is far higher quality than this kind of a girl. She offers the real interaction with an escort beauty and not some fake, blurred out girl with their face blacked out in a picture and images that are hiding the imperfections of the other girls. Kyla is not going to disappoint and yet she is always going to more than impress. It doesn't matter how many times a guy has come to Vegas and spent time with strippers and escorts. He is always going to be blown away by her personality, her pure looks and the way she treats him. She wants to leave him remembering her name for the rest of his life. She wants to be that little, naughty secret the man has in the back of his mind and holds onto until he takes his last breath. Everyone needs to have that one little secret that keeps them going. Their one little happy place that allows him to smile, even in the market times of his life. Well, all they need to do is let Kyla's blonde hair lead the way and serve as a beacon to incredible times. This way, no matter what a gentleman is going through in his life today, it is always just a meet up away from transforming into a truly magical event that is going to allow him to forget his troubles and spend time with the companion he has been waiting for.

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