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Nikki Is Known To Make A Mess Of Awesomeness

  • Age: 27
  • Measurements: C-Cup
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5ft 10in
  • Weight: 119 lbs

My name is Nikki and I love to make a mess. Growing up, I always loved to pull out the colors and finger paint. I'd swirl around the colors and make all sorts of interesting designs. Well, not much has changed and I still love to finger paint, only I would much rather it be with your own, personal load of paint and instead of on paper I like to use my body as the canvas. Expressionistic art. It's always kind of fun trying to guess what kind of color my man is going to provide. Egg shell? Maybe he is more of a satin guy. Country white? Oh, there are so many different colors and names for these colors. It get to break out my color theory studies while finger painting with my man's creamy white paint. It is so much fun. And in some cases, did you know paint can be edible? Ha, yeah, I know, crazy. Usually there isn't enough left after I paint up my design, although who knows, maybe my guy can give me a big enough supply after I'm done with him. Just have to see I guess.

I have so much fun being one of the naughty, mess making Las Vegas independent escorts. There is just something super exciting about it. Every night is going to bring something new and something different to the table. It is why I signed up for it. Some make the mistake of thinking escorts in Las Vegas do the same thing every evening and are kind of limited to what they do. Not me. I get out, see different sights on a weekly basis, and I'm even able to break out my artistic side of things. You know those wine and paint classes? Yeah, I get to do that with my fingers and in a much more intimate location, which beats the heck out of all those stuffy paint studios stuffed into the corners of outdoor shopping malls that are filled with couples who have run out of date night ideas. So, for men who are looking for Las Vegas escorts and are up for a bit of fun and maybe even helping me create a work of art, give me a call.

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