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Sam Is Ready For Anything You Desire

  • Age: 27
  • Measurements: D-Cup
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian American

That's right, my name is Sam. Sam I am. I'll be an escort in your room, I'll be an escort on the moon. I'll be your escort here and there. Why of course, I'll be your escort everywhere. Sure, I can give you the naughtiest, most filthy Dr. Seuss you've ever read (don't even make me start with Oh, The Places You'll Go), but I'll save you the rhyming so I can tell you a bit more of how I'm one of the best Las Vegas independent escorts on the strip. Of course, I'd love to tell you a bedtime story a bit later in the night, when we are both all curled up in bed. I've always been found of one story in particular. What is it called. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? No, no, that's not it. Oh, wait, I remember. It's called "If You Give a Pussy Your Cock." Ha. How could I forget.

But alright, I swear, back away from those naughty bedtime stories. Keep your pants on. I don't need to see where the wild things are. I'm one of the very best girls in Las Vegas. I'm a stone cold stunner and look great literally in anything you want to see me in. Yes, I know, you want to get me completely naked by the end of the night. If you play your cards right that might just happen. But before that, when we go out, or at least when I show up to the room, I need to be able to wear something comfortable and be able to show off my body for you. You just have to tell me what it is we are going to be doing and where we are going to be doing it. Maybe you want a tight little cocktail dress? Or maybe an evening gown. How about just some Daisy dukes and a cut-off tank top? Whatever it is, I'm going to look good in it. But that is just the start to the rest of a fun-filled time together. And I promise you, if this is the first time you've ever been out on a date with Las Vegas escorts, I'm going to be gentle and easy with you and help welcome you to the new world of Vegas escorts.

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