Vegas independent escort with brown hair poses to show her come hither look. Las Vegas independent escorts love to pose in lingerie to show off their curves. Radiant brunette is a Las Vegas independent escort who tosses all lingerie to the side. Vegas independent escorts have luscious lips and leave very little to the imagination.

Veronica Is One Of The Hottest Brunettes In Vegas

  • Age: 28
  • Measurements: D-Cup
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Height: 5ft 4in
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian American

Are you ready for Veronica's secret. She has so much to show you, you better be ready. Try your best to contain yourself because Veronica is able to treat you and other men who hire her as their Las Vegas independent escort to something truly special. But what exactly is the secret she has to share? Well, it just depends on each man she spends time with. Each of these men are going to experience something different. She's not one of those escorts in Las Vegas that just puts on the same show day in and day out. No, every man receives something a bit different, which is exactly why it is so exciting and why the secret not only is a surprise to her men, but often times it is a surprise to Veronica as well.

Veronica is a girl who just loves spending time with new guys. She enjoys spending time with each individual and learning the different quirks the men have. While men might seem similar to one another, each man deep down possesses a unique take on life and Veronica wants to experience this. As one of the Las Vegas escorts who can head out with her men, do just about anything with her men and even provide the world famous escorts to your room service, Veronica doesn't have many lines to cross, which means there are even more secrets to be discovered by both parties. So, for men who are visiting the city and want to spend their time with a truly beautiful, truly unique and truly busty Vegas escort, they are finally able to do this with Veronica.

Veronica and her nice, firm and solid D tits is waiting by the phone, right now, wanting someone special to giver her a call. She wants someone who has the taste to discover just how incredible she is. Veronica is that amazing ingredient that takes a good dish over the edge and makes it unforgettable. Because after all, unforgettable is what Veronica is. She is also going to be unforgettable to the man she spends the evening with as well. So, no matter how long the evening lasts or what Veronica and her man decide to do for the night, she has a secret she wants to share.

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